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Data Cleansing

Fixing or removing incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data within a dataset.


Data Analysis

Systematically apply statistical and logical techniques to describe, illustrate, condense, recap, and evaluate data.


Data Visualization

The presentation of data in a graphical format. Letting decision-makers see visual analytics to grasp complex concepts or identify new patterns.



From a fine chop to the rule of thirds; a mid-century residence to a reference number and caliber.


This is my zen. How I relax and unwind. Happiness through building flavors.


After all, a picture is worth one thousand words. Right?!

Design & Architecture

A subject that still continues to excite me to this day.


The complications. The pushers. The history and development.


In 2023, I pursued Data Analytics certification as a strategic move to pivot my career away from design and into the dynamic field of data-driven decision-making. Why did I choose this as my new path? While my tenure at Amazon was focused on UX for the hardware, my role in testing the devices brought new passions to light--most prominently data analysis.

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